The Siege of O-Rākau




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From a photo by G. Bourne] After Fifty Years

The Battle of O-Rãkau Heritage Society

PRESS RELEASE: 17 March 2016 Media statement

Māori Affairs Committee

Petition 2014/37 of Waimarama Anderson and Leah Bell – National day for
the New Zealand Land Wars

Two Otorohanga school students have collected 12,000 signatures in support of a petition to Parliament calling for a national day of commemoration for the New Zealand Land Wars.

The Māori Affairs Committee is pleased to advise that public submissions are now being invited on this petition. The closing date for submissions is
Thursday, 21 April 2016.

The aims of the petition are:

1. To raise awareness of the Land Wars and how they relate to local history for schools and communities

2. An introduction of these local histories into the New Zealand Curriculum as a course of study for all New Zealanders

3. To memorialise the Māori and Pākehā who gave their lives on New Zealand soil with a statutory day of recognition.

Submissions should be forwarded by the due date, either online using our website (www.parliament.nz) or in writing to the address below. If a submitter wishes to appear before the committee, they need to state this clearly and provide a name, daytime phone number and email address. Submissions generally become public and are published on our website.

For further guidance on making a submission, read our publication Making a
submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee on our website or contact us at

04 817 9520.
Address for correspondence: Māori Affairs Committee, Parliament Buildings,

For more information contact:
Tutehounuku Korako (Chairperson)
Māori Affairs Committee
(04) 817 9227


Helena Strange (Clerk of the Committee)
(04) 817 9506

or email Helena.Strange@parliament.govt.nz